Col Creation project in new phase

Doing business in the creative industry is not easy. Due to rapidly changing customer needs, the demand for creativity from employers and employees is increasing. In addition, entrepreneurs would like to recruit their (potential) customers with self-developed business concepts. But for most entrepreneurs it is hard to develop these new business concepts. The target groups in the Col-Creation project (self-employed and micro SME’s) are commonly not familiar with the concept of co-creation for use in their own company, therefore they miss a potential boost in innovation. Innovation is mandatory for a company to secure their continuity. The ERASMUS project Col-Creation is intended to help SMEs in the Creative sector learn to develop new business concepts. The ultimate goal is to create more business through innovative business operations. Therefore a research has been done in the first phase of the project.

Developing learning material

The Dienstencentrum made a proposal for the training program for the Col-Creation project. The program is discussed in the last meeting in Bulgaria. In that meeting a concept of the learning program is made and the tasks to develop learning material is divided among the partners. The outline of the training program consists out of the following 6 units:

  • Introduction of co-creation and the effectiveness of using HCD-Thinking method
  • Creating your innovative team
  • Finding and defining the real problem (discover and define).
  • Finding the right solutions
  • Motivation and perseverance
  • Implementation and presentation

The goal of the training program is to empower Creative Industry Professionals (CIP’s) in developing their activities and producing their products in a quickly changing environment where they are asked to be more flexible and to deliver additional values to their products, involving new technologies, competences and ways to approach innovation. The learning material is developed and will be discussed in the next meeting.

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