Creative ECVET-project

In this Leonardo project Stivako developed a system of recognition and transfer of learning outcomes (competences) in vocational education (VET) or parts of vocational education, in the participating countries. 

In the future or other projects, the goal is to apply the ECVET approach in all Member States of the European Graphic Media Network (EGIN).

This European Leonardo project is aimed to make graphic media training and education more transparent throughout Europe.

Together with partners from Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands we are working on a "map" and assessment to describe courses such as offset printer or media designer and make the similarities and differences between the various countries. Stivako therefore clearly has conducted research into the different modes of assessment within companies and training institutes. 

This makes it possible to have a more convenient way to exchange students and makes it entrepreneurs more easy to judge how qualified potential employees are and if they fit within a job.