E-book subscription encourages readers

Since the start of the e-book subscription service Kobo Plus about three months ago, the developers bol.com and Rakuten Kobo have seen a remarkable increase in users. The subscription which allows readers to read an unlimited amount of books from a selection of 80,000 e-books is especially popular among new book readers.

  • 20% had never bought a book (paper or digital) from bol.com;
  • 40% had not previously bought a digital book from bol.com or Kobo;
  • 10% had previously only bought one digital book per year, with Kobo Plus they read an average of 10 books.

These percentages show that Kobo Plus already has a new (digital) reader group and encourages the Dutch and Belgians to read more. These are people who previously didn´t read digitally or possibly illegally.

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