EKFI project granted

Stivako has submitted the EKFI project within the framework of the European Erasmus + program. And the proposal has been approved.
The project “Exchange knowledge for future innovation” is aiming in revisiting an old problem – namely the gap between the companies and organizations - the world of work - and its needs and requirements for educated people and the education world with their study programs and curricula, under a new perspective. The effective closing of this gap can be served by merging the two worlds with innovative ICT applications. The principal application will be the innovative Map & Match web-based Platform for the enhancement of learning in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). 

Objectives: The present project indents to investigate innovative approaches for scanning needs and requirements for knowledge, skills and competences of the CCI and matching them with the suitable existing research and learning material based on learning outcomes. Main objective is to create an Exchange platform, to facilitate innovative learning and research material, to map the competence needs (user) and match these needs with the suitable learning/research module(s). The web based platform & applications run on the platform. The Exchange platform can be applied for the project target groups: VET&HE’s, SME’s, entrepreneurs, sector organizations, social partners in the CCI.
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