International projects

Stivako has a lot of experience with working in international projects. We worked in different projects initiated by the European Union and the Dutch government with many companies and organizations in Europe and the Netherlands.  


An overview of the European projects:

  • EFKI project (ongoing)
  • Col-creation (ongoing)
  • Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons (ongoing)
Finished projects:
  • Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon ((finished)
  • Innovation and Sustainability in the Creative Industries (Hair & Beauty/Graphic Media) (finished)
  • Creative ECVET-project (finished)
  • LEAN manufacturing and marketing Graphic media (finished)
  • Sustainability, Green Marketing and media for SME's in the Creative industries (finished)
  • Marketing Automation (finished)
  • Thrive, Entrepreneurial skills as solid base for a future in the Creative Industry (finished)

More information?

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