Lean Manufacturing

LEAN is the ability to achieve more with less. In short: to perform better. The LEAN philosophy focuses on increasing customer value with less effort, material, energy, space and time. The ultimate goal of LEAN? To achieve the best result by eliminating waste. 


De training includes seven modules:

  • Introducing LEAN and LEAN game: During this meeting you will get a comprehensive introduction of the concept of LEAN and a first practical experience with the LEAN-method
  • Strategy, analysis and self-diagnosis: students get insight into their own Lean performance and answer the question of what LEAN can do for their business.
  • Value Stream Mapping: by Value Stream Mapping you can learn where improvements to be gained
  • Waste and kaizen: the seven wastes are explained and also the waste will be defined within your company.
  • 5S: The 5S philosophy is further explained in this module.
  • Board Meetings: learn why durable quality and the underlying principles of this are so important.
  • Gap Analysis / LEAN assessment: what progress has been made and where are improvement suggestions?


You will receive a certificate of training if you have pass the exam or final assignments. If you don’t pass, you will receive a  certificate of participation.