Management & Marketing Creative Industry

What makes you a good manager?

You obviously need the expertise, but besides that you must be able to manage and motivate people, understand the industrial process, make the right decisions and communicate well.
This education is a higher management training for people with a Graphic MTS / Graphic MBO-4 and/or Staff officer & Middle management degree, or people who graduated on the level of Higher Vocational Education and want to quickly get applied knowledge of the printing industry.


The education has two parts, basic and specialization. The specialization part is optional.


You will receive a diploma after finishing both parts. You can choose to do them separately. If you finish one part you will receive a certificate. The diploma is accredited by the royal KVGO, the Dutch employers’ organisation.
When registering for the entire course at once, you will get 15% discount on the total training costs.

Basic course

The basic course comprises the following components:

Personal skills

Participants will understand their own functioning and they will learn what the impact of their behaviour is on colleagues. There are two important questions: what am I good at and what can I do better?

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

PPA is a method that will show you what kind of behaviour and skills you have. Based on four different behavioural dimensions your strengths, skills and your opportunities will be identified. Each participant will receive a PPA which will be explained in a personal interview.

Developments & trends in the print media

Knowledge of current developments is very important, especially the possibilities for graphic media companies.

Basic module management

This module focuses on the features of organizations, organizational development, organizational models and change management, as well as organizational culture and the importance of team building.

Basic module marketing

In this basic module the focus is on introduction with marketing, using a practical marketing textbook.


Specialization: Management

In this specialization the focus is on organization. From different points of view you look at all the different aspects of the company and the consistency between them. You will recognize aspects of your own company and will start to understand the role of each of these aspects. Besides that, you will learn what the consequences are of processes of change within the organization.

In this specialization you will do research for your company. You will compare the current situation with the desired future situation. Difference between the two situations will show the needs to develop. Definitely an assignment that is of great value! 

This course has four parts:

  • Introduction to business economics
  • 7S Model, in particular strategy
  • Workflow management
  • A research assignment


Specialization: Marketing

At the end of this specialization you made a complete marketing plan. During the lessons you will be supported by the teacher in both developing relevant marketing knowledge (Business to Business: B2B) as in making a marketing plan.