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Stivako: education & training in Management and Commerce for the graphic media and Creative Industries

For over 70 years is Stivako the educator in management (middle management and senior management, commerce) for the graphic media and creative industries and directly related industries.

Stivako pursues its national activities to optimize the success of companies in the graphic media and creative industries by developing and strengthening business and commercial skills of managers and their staff.

Through the extensive network of experts, trainers and teachers, we can all meet training and coaching issues at all levels, especially for middle and senior management and account management inside and outside.

Stivako works including consulting firms such as Service Centre, the Royal KVGO the vkgo, vkgo academy, Knowledge center GOC, Dutch Publishers Association, CMBO (Communication Media) journals published by Compres, the SCGM and is a member of the European Graphic Media Network (EGIN).

Core values of Stivako:

  • Expert
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Relationship Focused
  • Creative
  • Share
  • Results-oriented