Project Manager Creative Industry

Fascinating world, the creative industry: video, internet, print, apps, social media, games. Even more interesting it is to realize creative communication products for customers. This course is designed for employees of companies in the printing, publishing, advertising, design and digital productions. With knowledge about various media, new marketing and training of creative, commercial and project management skills you will become that professional project leader!

Graphic media companies have more in common with advertising companies, designers, website builders and Audio Visual companies than you might think. Years ago the separation between these sectors was very clear. Because of the extensive digitalisation and by market forces, various types of businesses are increasingly converging.

There is another way you can see that all these communications companies have a lot in common. What they simply share with one another is that they always deliver custom made products and services. The final product is always unique! This means that the procedure of orders and instructions in all those companies are the same. A customer returns a purchase order, it is handled by an account manager, traffic manager or order manager and supervised, in which he or she has to deal with many issues: customer management, manufacturing, finance, administration, communication and problem solving.


Training Project Manager Creative Industries includes five modules:

  • Module 1: Communication Media: learn in this module the different types of communication and what the benefits and pitfalls are of these resources.
  • Module 2: New marketing: you get a clear picture of which marketing tools are now used to reach people and organizations. Additionally, you'll make your own marketing plan.
  • Module 3: Commercial Trading: Learn methods to listen, to conduct interviews to assess needs and to sell. Learn to pitch your own unique idea in practice.
  • Module 4: Creativity and problem solving: In this module we will be working on the problem-solving ability to think outside the box.
  • Module 5: Project: various aspects of project management are discussed in this module. You learn to manage a project en you will set up a business case. Financial aspects are also addressed, including cost determination.


An educational level of MBO-3 is expected as a minimum entry level. When in doubt, you can contact our training coordinator for free advice.

Accreditation of qualifications

The diploma that you earn in this course is accredited by the employers' organization Royal