IPC-3 Projectleader Creative Industry

As in many other sectors technology will change within the graphic industry. Cross media applications and innovations ask for drastic changes to the internal organization of graphic media companies. All these developments lead to increased dynamism and complexity in the graphic industry. Entrepreneurs have to face tough challenges.

To support the entrepreneurs and make it possible to respond to changes, new business models have to be developed. The employees of graphic media companies have to develop new knowledge and skills in order to be able to comply the future cross-media business competencies.

To make this possible it requires teaching materials and tools to be developed for the companies in the graphic industry.


Based on the experience in the graphic arts industry, an industry that is positioned closely to the ICT sector, models are developed for process control in printing companies with ICT activities or ICT companies with graphic activities.

Within this project SHB advice, Mitopics and Dienstencentrum worked together. Three companies that are active in both graphical and ICT companies and encourage the shift to cross media.

For a good feasibility, it is important to choose the right types of companies within the future cross media enterprises. This type of company must be described. Interviews were held with a number of companies and then results are fed back to the working group. This working group has both a vision and opinion-forming role as a decision-making and is seen as a reflection of the graphic media and ICT sector.

The project has a large involvement of companies throughout the communication industry. This involvement consisted of:

  • analysis of ICT developments in the graphic industry;

Participating in the project:

  • Participate as a pilot organization 
  • Participate in the working group to establish business types, competence requirements and ICT aspects
  • Participate in research through the interview

After the business models are determined, further research on relevant processes will be done.

Then process aspects are described and defined in competencies and business models. This happens in an interaction between: gathering information, research in companies, tune the results with the working group and establish the final results.