Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon

The full name of the project is: Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon. The goal of this project is to develop innovative ways of learning about sustainability and to promote sustainability in schools and companies in the sector.

In this project we will combine the sustainable ideas through education and training with innovative ideas within the sector. The educational products we want to generate during the process will include workshops on sustainability and innovation, learning materials for schools and extracurricular education about sustainability in the 'green' hairdresser (three learning modules), an inquiry into management of sustainability in the sector in Europe, developing a diagnostic scan for companies and schools, a roadmap (plan) for the introduction of sustainability in the hair and beauty salon, a physical sustainability game for the sector and an Internet game about sustainability and entrepreneurial skills for the industry. We also communicate through a brochure, articles and press releases, a project website and a final conference in Amsterdam, the results of the entire project. By informing students, teachers and policy makers, we want to take steps towards greater sustainability. Vocational education is in close contact with the companies in the local community and can doors open to changes in the industry. Therefore activities will be organized by students, workers and employers in the partner countries. Different classes with students and teachers are actively involved in the activities in each country. Demonstrating through this project we want in Europe, the need for sustainable action in the sector in a striking way.


  • ES El Palo - Malaga, Hair & Beauty
  • DK-Aarhus Tech, VET school hairdressing department
  • FR-IGS Lyon, VET & HE school, experienced in development of ICT games and entrepreneurial tools
  • UK Bridgewater College, hairdressing department
  • L ROC Amsterdam, hairdressing department
  • NL-Stivako VET school entrepreneurial skills and sustainability and CSR in the creative industries