The EMSPI project seems to be successful in The Netherlands

For over two years 20 companies in The Netherlands where active in participating in the European EMSPI project. EMSPI stands for: Energy Management System in the Printmedia Industry. The main goal is to translate the international – technical orientaded – ISO 50001 standard for energy management, into an practical and usable tailor made system for the sector. According to the evaluation result from the participating companies it appeard that we reached that goal. The over-all score of the created materials and coaching from the Dienstencentrum was an solid ‘8’. Quit good, realizeing that energy is not a popular management issue. Not that enetrepreneurs are not willing to save energy, it is more that energy is a production compaound they don’t see. Just the bill with the ever rizing costs, and they think they can not do eneything about that factor. But, the 20 participating companies showed a diverent outcome. During the EMSP period it seems (till now) that they actually saved energy.

What where the result of the Dutch companies?

To get a clear overview of the potential energy savings in The Netherlands, the Dienstencentrum measured in the first phase of the project the energy (= electricity and natural gas) and paper consumption in the period 2013 till 2015. It appeard that the energy consumption decreased from 259.014 GJ in 2013 to 257.285 GJ in 2015. This is only 1%. But when we compare this to the paper consumtion, it shows a coomplete different outcome. The paper consumption of these 20 participatin companies was in 2013: 230.317 tons, but in 2015: 245.570 tons. An increase of about 6,5%. When we relate the energy consumption with the paper consumption of the years 2013 and 2015, we may conclude savely that in the Dutch companies decreased their energy consumption with about 8,5%. This is a higher outcome, than the Dutch governement requests from big companies: an avarage of 8% energy reduction in 4 years.

Allthough these results shows great hpe for the future, we still have to wait for the final outcomes in 2017. Within the EMSPI project the partners approved that there will be a final measurement of the energy soncumption in 2016 and a forcast for 2017. When we have these information the final conclusian can be given. But so far the partners are very pleased with the temporary outcomes so fare.

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